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We are BUZZING about our new August arrivals!

Nestled in our gorgeous Kitchen Garden filled with a vast selections of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers sit two brand new hives buzzing with thousands of good tempered dark European honey bees, working hard to make Yorkshire honey that our chefs can’t wait to use in various creations for you to savour!

The Devonshire Arms is passionate about protecting the environment, thus winning Gold in the Green Tourism Awards for the last 2 years. A big part of that commitment is looking for new and creative ways to enhance our dedicated recycling programme for the well-being of our environment. We are aware of the global threats to honey bees that have reduced numbers – we hope to grow our colony to help support not only our surroundings but also awareness of these fascinating creatures and the benefit to nurturing them.

As soon as our two nuc’s have settled in to their new surroundings we hope to be able to invite you to their home and learn about these amazing insects!

Andy bees


Picking up the bees

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